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Safety in Your Home.

Home Security

Tenants are encouraged to keep their homes as secure as possible at all times.

Some helpful tips:

  • Always lock the door and close the windows when you go out, even if you will only be out for a short time;

  • Use timers for lights and radios if you will be out of the house overnight. They create the impression that someone is at home. It is not recommended to use TVs for this purpose;

  • Keep car and garage keys out of sight in your home;

  • Do not leave window and door keys in their locks;

  • Always draw your curtains at night and make sure valuable items cannot be easily seen from outside;

  • Make sure that garden tools or ladders that could be used to force entry into your home are not left lying around;

  • Never let strangers into your home unless they can prove their identity;

Absence from Your Home:

  • If possible, ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home whilst you are away. If you notice any suspicious behaviour on your estate please report this to the Police.

  • If you are going to be absent from your home for longer than one month you must notify Maillard & Co for insurance reasons. You must also make sure you provide Maillard & Co with a key so they can gain access to your property.

Your Safety At Home

Your safety is important to us, please read the information below to ensure you are adhering to our safety policies.

Smoke Alarms

All CTJ properties are fitted with smoke alarms.

For battery operated alarms, it is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure the battery is in full working order. You are responsible for replacing the batteries in smoke alarms.

If you have a mains-powered smoke alarm already fitted in your property, it is your responsibility to test this is working from time to time. You should report any that are faulty or not working to Maillard & Co using this link


If you smell gas, please take the following immediate action:

  • Turn off the gas supply and extinguish all naked flames;

  • Do not light any matches or use any lights or electrical switches;

  • Open all windows and doors;

  • Evacuate the building;

  • Telephone Jersey Gas (Emergency tel no: 755555).

Communal Areas

The entrance halls, alcoves, stairways and landings MUST be kept clear at all times. Not only can items like furniture be a fire hazard, but piles of shoes, empty boxes etc. are unsightly and detract from the appearance of the property. There are storage areas in most of the blocks and if there is insufficient space in your storage areas/shed, please talk to Maillard & Co about what is required. It may just need a spring-clean by the residents to clear out the junk, old bicycles etc.

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