Residential tenancy lawcolor

On moving in

Need to knows when you move in to your new home.


Parking is a sensitive issue on most estates.

All permits must be displayed on car windscreens. Cars left in the car park must be roadworthy and have up-to-date insurance otherwise we may consider that they have been abandoned and act accordingly.

The situation in each of CTJ Housing Trust properties is as follows:-

Bas du Mont – Seven spaces only, at an extra cost

Clos des Charmes – One space per household and visitor parking

Ed Le Quesne House – No parking

Le Bénéfice – Two spaces per house and visitor parking

Lemprière Street - No parking

Les Frères - Two parking spaces per bungalow and visitor parking

Pet Policy

If you are thinking about getting a pet, please read the Pet Policy using our downloads links below.

Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish should be disposed of carefully. Please do not leave black bags in the common area as they smell. If bags leak, please clean up the spillage. We have problems with seagulls and rats when bags are not placed in the wheelie bins and when the bin lids are left open.

Fly tipping - Do not discard furniture, fittings, white goods or large items on your estate. You must arrange to take them to the dump or Maillard & Co can arrange this for you at a small fee. If these items are discarded, the cost of removing them will be charged to all tenants.

Glass bins are provided on most estates. Lids and corks from bottles and jars must not be put in the glass bins. Also, the glass must be washed clean. Do not leave plastic or other bags in the glass bins.

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